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preservation of evilness

On the one hand, I do not wish to encourage my sister's craziness.
On the other hand, it makes me really proud when she exhibits evilness.
On the third hand, evilness is not funny when it's directed at ME.
On Yanni's hand, my sister will rue the day she decided to mess with me!

Anyhoo, witness this. This is what I found in my profile when I logged on today.

interests: 4400, alessandro nivola, alex/kyle, alias, ani difranco, buffoonery, comedy, dar williams, fanfiction, femslash, hobbits, jason behr, jazz, kyle valenti, liz/tess, maria/kyle, merry, michael vartan, monk, movies, music, one tree hill, pippin, prince william, roswell, ruling the world, sark/vaughn, screech, slash, smarshall, spiderman, syd/marshall, sydney bristow, tivo, tobey maguire, wonderfalls.

See, she's trying to get all tricky. Hoping that maybe I won't see the hideous lies amongst things that I do actually enjoy. BUT I'M ONTO YOU, SISTER! I will preserve your display of evilness here in this entry, but I cannot allow these lies to stay in my profile. It will attract the wrong kind of person, if you know what I mean (by "wrong kind of person," I am of course referring to Michael Vartan fans. I didn't even know he HAD fans. Sick bastards).
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