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um... what happened to Last Comic Standing?

Thomas (or any one of the three people who know this journal exists):
Alonzo won last comic standing? Why would they not show the last episode? Seriously, the ratings for LCS couldn't possibly be worse than that dumb lion show!

Tonight during the debate:
George W Bush was bragging that he doesn't intend to get a flu shot, due to the shortage. Yeah, he terrifies me enough as it is, I don't need him trying to run the country all hopped up on Nyquil. Get your damn flu shot.

Later, Kerry came out with this pearl of wisdom... "I respect the Second Ammendment and I will not tamper with the Second Ammendment." And then he babbled on about some nonsense about how he's been a hunter since the age of 12 or 13... whatever. Hey John Kerry, I have a new campaign slogan for you! John Kerry: Practically a Republican! Because Lord Almighty, that's how you're positioning yourself.

They're both making me a little sick now. I need to go lie down.
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